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"Hey, what's up everybody! Its Anthony Tilghman, and I am here to talk about Alaina Miller.

              I started working with Alaina maybe about two years ago, she was in my first short film titled “All Lies” where she was the main character. Alaina is probably one of the most talented actresses that I have ever met. It’s been a pleasure working with these last two years, not just on short films, but on Just Alaina the television show. We just wrapped up our fourth season and the season finale is out right now. It’s always amazing to see a person grow, she grew up through high school, and now she is excelling to be a young woman. I'm proud of her, much love to Alaina and I am looking forward to seeing so many amazing great things that she’s going to do in the future. Just Alaina! It’s all about her."

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