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Hello! My name is Alaina Miller an I have been acting since I was 14 years old. Ever since I was younger I have had a knack for the dramatic but, finally being able to cultivate those strong emotions came in the form acting! I am now a fine-tuned actress. This is because I never want to act. I want to be REAL and HUMAN. To me, thats the best thing an actor can be.

Alaina Miller

Non - Union

Height: 5’4 / Weight: 108




Loyalty Royalty                 Car Shopper                               Liquid Entertainment

Just Alaina                          Teen Anthony                                 Tighman Films

Born In the Game              Orphan                                Mega Mind Media/Ibriham Yilla

All Lies                                Tonya                                       Anthony Tighman Films

Strength PSA                      Unique Black American                Abba Carmicheal

Agent Hollywood Film       Lead Agent                                    Kerri Mosley

Beauty and The Beast        Cogsworth                                     PES Productions



Liturgical Dance                  Dancer                                    Judah Interpretive Dance

Annie the Musical               Orphan                                       Dance Expressions

Hip Hop/Jazz                       Various Trainers                         Dance Expressions



Meisner Technique             Mark Mckinnon                        Mckinnon Acting Studio

Monologue Preparation     BJ Gianni                                 TYF Workshops

Cold Read Preparation       Mark Mckinnon                       Mckinnon Acting Studio

Commercial Auditioning     BJ Gianni                                TYF Workshops                       


On Camera Essentials        MAT Entertainment

The Art of Improvisation    MAT Entertainment

Beginners Improvisation    BJ Gianni                                  TYF Workshops



Liturgical Dance, Badminton, Bowling, Cycling, Equestrian - English, Frisbee, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, Ping Pong, Rock Climber, Running - General, Swimming - ability - general, Trampoline, Volleyball, Yoga, Dance Ballet-Beginner, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Jazz, Dance Modern, Dancer, Host, Improvisation, Modeling, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Soprano, British - Geordie Accent, Southern Accent

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